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You can learn more about the hair loss services I offer from the customers I have served. I offer a fool-proof scalp micro pigmentation treatment, along with Alopecia areata procedures that are sure to bring the hair back on your head. You can learn more about my services by visiting my Google+ page where you can also share your experience.

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Scalp Micropigmentation
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 13 reviews
by Tolu Adekoya on Scalp Micropigmentation
Absolutely amazing

Absolutely amazing, needed to add density came out amazing

by Hector Vivieca on Scalp Micropigmentation
Good job

I was very skeptical about this. After doing some research I came across this office. Chris is very professional and clean. He has a very friendly environment and he is a master barber so he understands exactly how a shape up should look. I am very pleased with the results. I recommend anyone attempting to getting this done to do so with him. Apart from getting Lasik eye surgery, this is the best investment I have ever done for myself.

by Anton B on Scalp Micropigmentation
Simply Amazing

Hello, I usually don't write reviews or testimonials. Me personally don't trust them, it could be from anywhere, the owner of the company could be writing them, I don't know. So I leave the reviews and testimonials alone. However, in this case I decided to actually write one, the work and service I received deserves it. This review/testimonial is the real deal, from the actual client. Like many men I was balding, from the crown, and the front of my head. I tried to hide it with the little hair that I had. I had devised a hair cut style that tried to blend the little hair on top and fad every place on my head to blend into the balding areas. I thought it was working, for years I wore it that way. I always noticed people looking at my head, even though some people liked it and said so, I knew deep down I had to make a change, and the work I had to go through to style it everyday was time consuming. So I thought, just go with the completely bald look, which I had tried in the past and didn't like it. So this time around, I looked for other options and I found just what I needed, exactly what I was looking for, Scalp Micropigmentation. So I begin my research, looking for the most creditable, professional technician/artist. And I found him, Chris Herrera at SMP Scalp Micropigmentation. At the very beginning when I called all these other places, they wanted me to come in so they can make an assessment and tell me the cost, you know, get me into their shop and scare me and sales pitch me. Not Chris, he first said to me, take a photo and text it to me, which I did. And from there, he called me back gave me a general assessment on the work that would be required and gave me a general price. So when I went in to see Chris, I had a general knowledge of what to expect. Chris, like a true professional and skilled technician, thoroughly looked at my head and explained in detail what should be done, and his price was what he said it would be. I agreed, and the work begun. From the first session, which I saw positive results, to the last session which was a true transformation to something truly wonderful. Chris gave me the look I wanted, a very smart investment, and everyone who see me now from co-workers to friends, people I haven't seen in years, they say the same thing, Damn you look good, love the hair cut. Yes, the style it's real, fresh hair line, fine buzz hair cut, very natural looking, and no maintenance (just cut your hair every 3 to 4 days, depending on how fast your hair grows). Thank you Chris, your work is amazing. If you are interested in a youthful look, confident feel, clean hair line, always fresh hair cut, go to Chris Herrera at SMP Scalp Micropigmentation. His office and his technician shop is top of the line, all professional. You will walk away very, very satisfied. Sincerely.

by Izzy Sanchez on Scalp Micropigmentation

The staff here are amazing and care a lot about their customers.

by earl worthy on Scalp Micropigmentation

After reading the types of methods you use and seeing your photo results I think you provide a great service for men with hair loss problems.

by earl worthy on Scalp Micropigmentation
bald spots

After reading the treatment methods and other testimonials I will consider using the service.

by James Carey on Scalp Micropigmentation
Best Decision I Ever Made

At first I was little skeptical about getting this SMP procedure done. I booked my consultation and got the procedure done. I couldnt believe how much younger I looked having my hairline back. I also got my confidence back. Money well spent. Best decision I ever made. Thanks alot Chris!

by Khalid on Scalp Micropigmentation
Best thing I’ve ever done!

The first thing I want to address is Chris’s professionalism. He takes his job very seriously and he wants to make you sure you’re comfortable and understand everything about the procedure which is comforting. I’ve been suffering from Alopecia for a long time and it has affected my self esteem and my pride. Even when I decided to just shave my head you could still tell I had bald spots all over. Now everything has changed. I was amazed at what micro pigmentation could do. Chris knows his craft very well and he definitely went beyond my expectations. He’s very attentive and most of all he has a keen eye for detail. Thanks again Chris!

by David Galvez on Scalp Micropigmentation
life changing decision

I was a little skeptical about getting the procedure done. I was concerned it would look fake. However, Chris explained everything to me in detail and was very thorough in addressing my concerns. Definitely a life changing decision that was well worth it. The outcome has exceeded my expectations.

by cesar lopez on Scalp Micropigmentation

I want to thank Chris for all the hard work he has done to benefit my life from the hair loss I’ve been experiencing for 7 years . Chris was a great listener and did a perfectly great job. I recommended all my friends who are experiencing hair loss for a nice different look . This place is well organized and a good environment to feel welcomed . Thanks Chris for all you’ve done for me !

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